"There is no us and them, just us." - Father Greg Boyle

We partner with Serve the City, Urban Promise, and other organizations to meet people's needs and provide others with resources. Our goal of local outreach is to create a larger community where people feel understood. Jesus sat with the marginalized. He performed miracles with them, He ate with them, He saw them for what they were. He was with and for them. 

Some of our local outreach programs include:

"First Fridays"- a free monthly community meal with activities for people in our area... simply for a place to connect! 

Service Days - sometimes with Serve the City South Jersey, or Urban Promise

Food Pantry - open weekly for drop-ins, and making deliveries for those who need transportation help.

Emergency Response Team- when unforseen crises come up in our area, we are often able to utilize human resources to help